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Supporting girls who support the community!

Members of Louisville Girls Leadership are passionate about creating innovative solutions to Louisville’s most pressing problems. LGL supplements this passion by providing access to invaluable tools to develop participants into multidimensional leaders to help accomplish their goals.

Nora Miodrag

Member of LGL Class of 2016 and an active member within her community. Outside of LGL, Nora tutors low income students and serves as a health ambassador of Louisville.

Grace Bagga

Member of the LGL Class of 2017, has raised over $1000 for girls' education and healthcare in developing countries. She has also worked to support victims of human trafficking and sexual abuse.

Haley Sullivan

Member of LGL Class of 2015, helps organize internships for high school girls of color in order to inspire women to become more involved in STEM fields.

Class of 2021

Our year long program strives to educate girls about the issues they care about the most. A combination of enthusiastic guest speakers and interactive learning tools transforms our girls into informed leaders of the community.

LGL places importance on turning ideas into concrete action. We have the resources to help our members bring their ideas into fruition to better the community.

Graduated members of our program return as Juniors and Seniors on our governing body known as the “Steering Committee.” Steering Committee members not only plan all of the sessions and dictate the curriculum, but also serve as mentors and friends to the current sophomores in the program.

Our unique curriculum is redesigned each year to continuously evolve a strong community of civically engaged women. During the 2017 program year, the chosen topics sought to fulfill this mission by developing the individual to prepare development of the community.

Self Care

Mental health is an important, yet seldom recognized, aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We strive to educate girls on the importance of recognizing the entirety of a healthy lifestyle and its effects on positivity and self confidence.

Social Justice

Our mission is to educate girls on the critical social issues that exist in society today such as systemic racism and educational injustice and demonstrate how these issues intersect with gender inequality. Through this learning process, we will empower girls to create social change in their own communities.

Women's History

“The more you know of your history, the more liberated you are.” The Women’s History focus group embodies this Maya Angelou quote through our dedication to teaching the historical role of women in promoting societal change. We aim to encourage the sophomores to draw inspiration from our past to help guide them for their future endeavors.

College & Career

Our sophomores have the advantage of having members of the junior and senior class to give authentic advice of the college preparation and application process from a student's’ point of view. We hope to not only help girls navigate through high school, but also help them explore different colleges and future career pathways.


Each year, Louisville Girls Leadership accepts 1-2 female sophomores from every public and private high school in Jefferson County.

Students can apply via an online application OPEN NOW.  The link to this application is circulated widely among local schools and our community partners. It is also shared via our social media channels and our email list.  The 2020-21 application deadline is Friday, October 23.

Apply Now

A Year in LGL


Steering Committee Retreat
The most recent graduates of LGL come together to discuss one critical question: What are the most important lessons that need to be shared with the girls of tomorrow? The consensus from this conversation lays the foundation for our entire year of programming thereafter.

Application Season
Principals and counselors from the 30+ public and private Jefferson County High Schools nominate one 10th-grader to serve as their school’s representative in the incoming Louisville Girls Leadership class. A select few students are able to self nominate into the program.

Opening Reception
LGL’s newly accepted sophomores meet for the first time to learn the Louisville Girls Leadership mission and build camaraderie.


Overnight Experience
This overnight session is packed with team building, workshops, brainstorming solutions for community issues, food, fashion shows, and fun. Each girl leaves with a lasting impression of the true values of LGL and is ready to tackle the on the year with her new classmates! Additional lock-in’s are held throughout the year.

Leadership Session Series
Utilizing interactive activities, animated guest speakers, and meaningful discussion, students experience a different theme each month that mirrors the focus groups for the year.


This annual event serves as our annual fundraiser to help us serve more girls in the Louisville area. Students, parents, and LGL supporters gather to enjoy refreshments and learn more about the student's learnings from throughout the year and network with community members.

Members of LGL plan and lead this all-girls dance for all high schoolers across Louisville aimed at providing girls regardless of religion, cultural background, or sexual identity a quintessentially high school experience where they feel welcome. Free from any societal pressures, attendees are encouraged to dress how they want, dance how they want, and celebrate each other.


Closing Reception
After eight months of building lifelong connections, the students inducted earlier in the year are recognized for their growth and service to the community. Those interested in continuing their LGL journey are invited back to serve on the Steering Committee the following year.