An LGL graduate is compassionate,
aware, and prepared to lead

Featured Alumni Story

Asya Akca  |  LGL ℅  ‘12

In 2011 Asya Akca entered our program as a student with passion and drive to achieve at a truly remarkable level.  One of the subjects that her class was introduced to that year was human trafficking.  After an hour long presentation and discussion of the topic we moved on to other agenda items for the day.  What we know now is that the presentation given that day has stuck with her and will continue to drive what she does as she moves forward in life.  

As a junior in the program Asya insisted that human trafficking remain a staple of our curriculum, she became fully educated in the matter and was invited to serve on local coalitions that were working to raise awareness of human trafficking in Louisville.  Her passion for this subject was so strong that as a senior she wrote her thesis paper on human trafficking.  That same year she was selected as one of two seniors in the state to serve as a representative in the United States Youth Senate program, which included a week-long trip to Washington DC.  While there Asya made an appointment with Senator McConnell and hand-delivered petitions with over 900 signatures in support of policies that would work against human trafficking locally and globally.  

Now, as a rising senior at the University of Chicago Asya is still advocating and raising awareness of human trafficking.  With a major in International Policy, we know that her goals are long-term, and based on what we have seen from her so far we can't wait to see what comes next.