Galentines from a student perspective:

     As a young girl who has gone to a small school her whole life, I wasn’t sure what to expect upon my arrival at the Galentines dance. However, any excuse to dress up and be with my friends sounds like a great time for me. Coming from a school of only 700 people(k-12) I had never gone to a large dance before, especially not with so many people that I knew and so many people that I liked.

     After I had ridden the elevator up to our floor and entered our space, I could almost feel the excited energy coming from inside. So many girls that I know and like all having a great time in a safe space together. I am not one to dance, but my one of my favorite parts of my experience at Galentines was getting to dance with those around me. Another part of the Galentines dance I enjoyed, was how supportive everyone was of each other. I loved constantly being able to hand out compliments to my fellow girls and make them feel good about themselves, as well as receiving compliments from girls and feeling good about myself.

     I think that the “girls only” environment allowed everyone to let loose and have a good time without fear of judgment and made the dance extremely successful. Another thing, and arguably one of the most important things, that contributed to the success of the Galentines dance was the sheer amount of hard work that went into it. Whether or not they helped plan the dance, set up our space, or if they helped make decorations at our previous sessions, all of the LGL girls contributed in their own way to make the dance a total success.

     The Galentine’s Dance was made possible thanks to funds generously donated to the Louisville Girls Leadership Daphne Fund and the Louisville Awesome Foundation.

-Meilani Bouvier, 16. LGL Sophmore, LGL intern, music enthusiast, intersectional-feminist, roller derby player, and future community leader.